Taxi Drivers to Passengers: Treat Money Well and You will not be Sick


Before you start uploading #ThrowbackThursdays, let me quickly share my experience with a driver today.

This morning on my way to work, I took a taxi, a very neat taxi for that matter but after settling down I took a look at the driver and I noticed that he was not looking very healthy. But you know, many drivers in this part of the world are haughty looking. His eyes were so red and my thought was that he had taken a shot of those hot gins they usually take before beginning the days’ work. I shrugged off and shifted my thoughts to the proposal I must complete at the office before noon.


After some few yards, then the driver began to cough and vigorously too. I figured truly he must be ill. Is it a must to work if he is ill? The cough was really bad. I pitied him. Poor guy, who knows how many mouth he needs to feed? Blame it on the economy!

Then I had the shocker of my life! As if the coughing was not enough already. This guy was covering his mouth with naira bills! The one he will use to give change to passengers! Ewwww!!

I was earlier covering my mouth and nose with my handkerchief because who knows, the guy may just be spreading an epidemics of tuberculosis in the air? Now, is he covering his mouth with Naira notes, and he will give that to me as a change? Never! I checked my pockets to give him exactly his T fare, N80. Luckily I have change; I gave him one N50 bill, one N20 bill and one N10 bill.

I just wondered how many passengers that may be infested by this man on a single day because he decided not to stay back at home and treat himself. Once I gave him the money, I told him to get himself treated.

My people, your health is important. As a driver, you must ensure that you take care of yourself very well. Follow proper hygiene. These monies you exchange with passengers have passed through many hands and you don’t know anyone of them that are very sick.

Do not put money in your mouth.

Do not taste money.

Do not smell or sniff money with your nose.

Do not squeeze money.

Get a wallet

The message here is that drivers and passengers should treat themselves well and also treat money well and you will see that you will not be sick. Let’s promote healthy living by taking care of our hard earned money.


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