#5. Watch Your Drinking


Welcome to Safetrip Transport. On this platform, we give you tips, advice and information on travelling to make your journey smooth. Today, I will talk about why you should watch your drinking when you are travelling. Today’s issue makes the 5th safety tips that we have been sharing since the beginning of the week for women (and men) when they travel.


This is a tip that doesn’t get said often enough, drinking. It’s applicable whether you’re at home or on the road. When you drink alcohol, you dull your senses and slow your reaction time, which in turn makes you vulnerable to others.
I’m not suggesting that you should avoid drinking altogether especially when you are an adult, but children and adolescents must be discouraged from drinking totally. Instead, you should drink slowly. Pace yourself. Eat beforehand or during. Have a glass of water in between each drink (your body will thank you in the morning).

Be cognizant of what you are actually drinking, and always take drinks directly from the bartender. Constantly ask yourself, “Do I want to be less in control than I am right now?” and stop if the answer is no.
Most importantly, resist the pressure, gentle or otherwise, to keep up with others who might be able to drink more than you, especially in places or destinations where it’s common to “shout” drinks for people, like the British Isles. Don’t think you need to go drink for drink with your companions, especially if they happen to be beefy seamen from Bayelsa.

If it’s possible, avoid drinking at all when you are on a journey. And when you reach a new destination, try and be sure of people and your environment before popping the bottles.



Till Monday when i will be continuing with the other tips for you to know, take care of yourself and have a safe journey.


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