7 Safety Tips for Women When Travelling: The Conclusion.


Good morning and welcome to Safetrip transport platform. It is a new week and it’s our sincere wishes that you find that breakthrough in your works and businesses this week. We know some of you are also on the road already, we wish you safe journey and a stress free week as well.

Today, I am going to round up on the topic I’ve been sharing since last week: 7 safe travel tips for women (and men) when travelling. The 6th tip is that you should check in regularly when you are travelling, don’t hide from everyone because you don’t want people to know about your journey! Finally, i round up with telling you why you need to get ready for the worst that could happen.

6. Don’t Hide from Everyone When You Travel

It’s a good idea for at least one designated friend or family member to have a copy of your itinerary in advance: your vehicle/flight numbers, your accommodation, and a general schedule of where you’ll be on which dates, as well as information on your travel insurance, credit cards, and a bank account number. You must have made this available before you proceed on your journey. This reinforces the importance of the No 1 tips which is researching your destination thoroughly.


Plan ahead of time how you’ll check in and how often, whether it’s through daily emails, texts, social media updates, or regular Skype chats. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you keep a consistent schedule.

Staying in touch is a way to assuage the fears of your loved ones, but if you find yourself in trouble, they would be able to locate you much more easily than if you had been vague about your whereabouts.

It is dangerous to travel without any family or friend knowing about your whereabouts!

At least there must be someone to tell even if you are going to a fraternity. Many people erroneously think they are safe when no one knows about their whereabouts; the more friends and family know about where you are, the safest.

7. Get Ready for the Worst that Can Happen

It is good to have a backup plan in the event that the worst happens – your purse is stolen, your credit cards are suddenly exhausted, you get sick and need to go to the hospital or you got called back from the office!

Before you begin your journey, it is advised that for documents, you keep front-and-back copies of your credit cards saved to cloud storage like Google Docs, sent as docs to your e-mails or Dropbox, as well as a copy of your passport. It’s a good idea to keep your bank and credit card phone numbers stored in a document as well. Save scanned copies of your certificates in a cloud storage or e-mail so that you can always reproduce them in case of fire accidents or loss.

In addition to the documents, keep a backup cash stash. Keep at least an equivalent of $50 US dollars hidden in a secret spot deep inside your luggage, like inside a tampon or hidden in a sock. In a separate spot, keep a backup credit card. If your purse or day bag is stolen off your body and literally everything is taken away from you, this will provide you with a temporary financial cushion.


That’s it for this episode of travel tips on Safetrip. If you find this useful alongside our previous issues, then please share and pass them around. Let’s save the world together!

Do enjoy your day and have a safe journey again.


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