Warehouse Services

“Warehousing & Distribution Operations”

Safetrip Ltd. provides multi-client warehousing, dedicated warehousing services and value-added services to our clients across many industry verticals.
Multi-client facilities service multiple clients in one warehouse, using shared assets and personnel resources. This offers our clients a way to minimize their logistics costs by only paying for the warehouse storage facility space they need. Our warehouse services team can handle seasonal business by providing flexible space and resources without client investment in permanent space and equipment. Our skilled team of logistics professionals can customize a cost-effective shared-warehouse storage solution that meets your specific needs.

Our dedicated distribution operations focus on providing service to a single client. In this model, the resources of the facility work as an extension of the client to provide safe, high quality, cost-effective solutions resulting in a competitive advantage and unparalleled flexibility. Our project team will work with your organization to deliver year-over-year productivity while ensuring your customers’ needs are met with on time, accurate shipments.
Working with our team, you can realize supply chain operations that meet your financial objectives in a high-quality environment where personnel are treated with respect. Our team will be proud to deliver excellence in the areas of safety, quality, and year-over-year cost out. Our operations provide you with the flexibility to focus on your core business while we accommodate your growth and improve control and visibility of your supply chain.

Whatever your approach, you are sure to find our service candid, responsive, flexible, and warm. Our warehouse services team will work diligently to align our solutions with your goals.
SafeTrip Warehouse Services manages more than 110 operations throughout Nigeria. We employ a seasoned staff of logistics professionals with a warehouse services management team that averages 18 years of service.